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Mayo Surgical Scissors 14cm
Mayo Surgical Scissors 14cm Heavy straight scissors typically used to cut heavy fascia, sutures, ..
$17 AUD
Left Handed Surgical Scissors
Veterinary Surgical Scissors Left Handed Mayo Scissors Heavy straight scissors typically used to..
$19 AUD
Metzenbaum Scissors
Metzenbum scissors- Available in Straight and Curved options and TC Blade Metzenbaum scissors hav..
$17 AUD
Operating Surgical Medical Scissors
Operating Medical Bandage - Dressing Scissors Available in three differrent types of cutting blad..
$17 AUD
Spencer Suture Scissors
Spencer Suture Scissors Delicate stitch scissors for suture work. O..
$14 AUD
Littauer Stitch Scissors
Littauer Stitch Scissors Delicate stitch scissors for suture work. One of the blades has an indenta..
$13 AUD
Stevens Tenotomy Micro Scissors
Stevens Tenotomy Scissors Very useful surgical scissors used to cut small tissues an..
$19 AUD
Lister Bandage Scissors
Lister Bandage Scissors  These Bandage scissors are excellent for slipping under the bandage..
$14 AUD
Plaster Bangade Scissors Shears
Plaster Shears Heavy Duty Plaster Cast Shears, high quality professional plaster shears that are no..
$53 AUD
18cm Utility Bandage Scissors EMT EMS VET
General Purpose Dressing Scissors Utility Scissors    ..
$7 AUD
Mayo Surgical Instrument Pin
Mayo Surgical Instrument Pin 15.2cm Stainless Steel ..
$9 AUD